He waka eke noa

We are all in this together


Little Shadow offers counselling, support and information for those experiencing perinatal distress. We walk beside you in your journey, working collaboratively with health professionals and other organisations to help you on your journey to wellness.

We were founded in 1989 by a midwife and a mother with personal experience of perinatal distress. They recognised the need for a support group in Wellington and established the Post & Ante-Natal Distress Support Group Wellington. 

Since then, our services have grown significantly, and in 2019 we decided to change our name to Little Shadow. We now provide counselling services, as well as support, information and education for parents and families suffering perinatal distress.

Little Shadow is a small team and is governed and supported by a voluntary Management Committee and Advisory Board. If you would like to become a member, a sponsor or discuss partnering with us in any way, click here.

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Meet the team


Our Management & Advisory team

We are supported by a group of awesome volunteers who give up their time to provide support and advice to our organisation.

Our management team Liz and Michelle have been a part of Little Shadow (formerly PND Wellington) for more than 20 years, their dedication and commitment to supporting parents in Wellington has seen us transition from a small support group to who we are today.

Our advisors, Ruth and Helen have joined us this year and bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the management of Little Shadow.


Vic & Charmaine

Little Shadow is run by a couple of multi talented, multi tasking “Superwomen”

Vic is our Executive Director, but you’ll catch her doing all kinds of things, from presentations to support calls, Facebook moderation and more. She’s the first point of contact for anything and everything to do with Little Shadow. To get in touch with Vic, email her at ed@littleshadow.org.nz

Charmaine handles all the finance and administration behind the scenes, including funding, accounts and tax. To get in touch with Charmaine, email her at admin@littleshadow.org.nz

Together they keep Little Shadow running smoothly.